Disadvantaged Guardians (DH-DG):

  • Leader: Salsamander
  • Officers: Frowner, Mistrice, Baights, Davlof and BlackFlash97

What are our goals as an Alliance?

  • We are relatively new, and are growing at a fast pace. Players with similar minds are welcome.
  • To learn as we progress together.
  • Communication and Participation, two magical words.
  • To be able to run AQ Map 3 throughout the AQ season.
  • To consistently hit all milestones of Alliance events.

What are we looking for in the new players?

  • Roster: 11 x R3 4*’s
  • Some experience in AQ Maps 2 & 3
  • Ability to participate in both AQ & AW at the same time
  • Desire to have fun and grow in a relaxed environment
  • Duel Skirmish: 650
  • Completion: 5k
  • Donations: None