The Best Alliance in Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC)

We are the Disadvantaged Family, a brotherhood of alliances for various kinds of players ready to rumble! Wherever in the world you are you can come to us and grow. As long as you have the will to help and a social spirit you’ll feel right at home.

Definition of Alliance:


1. a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations.
2. a relationship based on similarity of interests, nature, or qualities.

Care to join? Don’t hesitate! Contact one of our members and we’ll sort out something, find us in LINE and let’s talk business; below you’ll find some useful info about us and our alliance community. Do notice, no alliance is more important than the others. We all strive to grow.

Two things to know before: we move members between the alliances occasionally as needed and we all abide by our Rule Book. We expect some amazing players between our ranks and we know you are one!

We often consider expanding, so if a member wants to start a new alliance within our network, we are open to the idea but make no promises. Additionally, we are open to discussions regarding alliance mergers so if you’re interesting in joining our community please do get in touch!