About Us

“On a cold and stormy February morning, I spent the battlechips that made it official: I had founded an alliance. An alliance that, in many ways, was just an extension of my childhood passion for gaming and comics. In the early stages, I had little confidence in this lasting very long at all, never mind this long! Fortunately, I was wrong…”

Our Story

This lunacy began way back in February 2015 when Doctor Woot (AKA Ant Tomlinson) founded the “Disadvantaged Heroes”. We’ve been flexing our muscles with this ever since Alliances first appeared and we are still standing strong with with a wealth of experience not many MCoC families have to offer!

In the beginning, a core group of our founding members pulled together and between them they outlined what we wanted to be, where we wanted to go and what would be the best way of achieving all of this TOGETHER – and so our ‘code’ was created in The Rule Book.

We grew, learned how to recruit the right way and took a more social approach. This website appeared because of that! We wanted something to show we were more than just another alliance. In short we needed better means to communicate and jumped into LINE for that matter (in-game chat sucks, am I right?).

By August 2015 potential recruits were massively outnumbering positions available and so it was at this point we decided a new team was needed to allow the family to grow. Since then, we have launched a further 6 alliances playing at all levels offering a wide range of skill, experience but with one common goal TO HAVE FUN TOGETHER!

So step right this way and get comfy, are you ready to join us on this ride? We promise you’ll have lots of fun!!!

Gone But Not Forgotten

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