The Rule Book

The Rule Book


  1. The LINE APP must be used as the primary form of communication.
  2. Players must communicate a leave of absence in excess of 48 hours.
  3. If a player is contacted direct via private message by an officer players must respond within 24 hours.
  4. Officers will maintain a open door policy via private message for any concerns or exceptions.
  5. All players will communicate in a respectful manner.


  1. Summoner Advancement:
    Players are allowed to rank-up, to level-up and open crystals during this event. When beyond 72 hours, players are encouraged to refrain from opening crystals, ranking up and leveling-up.
  2. Duel Skirmish:
    Players are expected to achieve 650 points during this event. Officers will provide the name(s) of a low rated 4★ hero to duel. Players who cannot duel the next day are asked to spend 25 units after completing their first set of 5 duels.
  3. Completion:
    Players are expected to achieve a minimum of 1,500* points during this event. A target score will be announced by officers in the VIP chat for each event.
  4. Treasury:
    All players are required to donate xxx* Gold and xxx* Loyalty chips per week and the deadline for donations is midnight on Fridays (UTC-4). Donations will be confirmed at noon on Saturdays (UTC-4) and whomever has not donated at that stage will have to pay double what is owed as a fine.
  5. Alliance Quests:
    Players will participate in all Alliance Quests to the best of their ability. Participation will be monitored. All players will actively communicate in battlegroup chat rooms to help strategise effectively.

*donation requests vary per alliance, per event.

NOTE: Minimums are deliberately set low so they can apply to all alliances – we hope you aim high and strive to hit the targets set by your leadership team.

Strike Policy

This policy is a guideline only. Officers reserve the right to adjust penalties based on severity.

  1. Failure to abide by any of these policies will result in a strike. Notice will be given via private message to players. Players have 24 hours to respond and explain. Three strikes in any two week period will result in removal from the alliance. Strikes will drop off two weeks from offence.