Why use Line?

Why Use LINE?

Due to the limitations of in-game chat we use Line as our primary Alliance chat tool. This is because:

  • Profanity block – This is simply irritating. Constant retyping because of the censor.
  • Limited chat history – Missing too much information due to 20 line limit.
  • Limit of 25 friends when alliances can hold 30 members.
  • Not very fun or social.
  • Limited to only chatting with people in your alliance or too many people at once in global.

Benefits of Line:

  • Free and easy to use.
  • Very fun and very social.
  • Multiple chat rooms possible for different functions.
  • Emoticons that work (and stickers).
  • Group chat freely or start a private chat with friends.
  • No ridiculous profanity filters.
  • Upload pictures and screen shots.
  • Links that work. Making it easier to direct people to a spreadsheet or guide in the forums especially if they are on phones.
  • Free up your friends list for non alliance friends as there are only 25
  • Recruitment room people can come here to apply for the Disadvantaged family we can talk to them easily and decide where they will fit best and they can ask us questions easily.